Asian Cuisine

A1. Fresh Pineapple Chicken or Shrimp
Fried Rice with Raisin and Honeyed Cashew
(S)5.95 (L)9.85
A2. Thai Fried Rice (Vegetable) spicy
(Pineapple and Sambal Sauce)
(S)5.45 (L)8.45
A2. Thai Fried Rice (Chicken or Beef or Shrimp) spicy
(Pineapple and Sambal Sauce)
(S)5.95 (L)9.85
A3. Pad Thai
Vegetable $8.35 / Chicken $10.15 / Beef $10.15 / Shrimp $10.15
The favorite Thai noodle dish. Stir-fried rice thin noodle w. egg, hopped peanuts, dried bean cake, bean sprout & scallion.
A4. Kung Dang (Red Curry or Green Curry) Spicy
Vegetable $8.95 / Chicken $11.65 / Beef $11.65 /Shrimp $13.15
Red curry w. Coconut milk, eggplant, tofu, bamboo & basil leaves.
A5. Pad Kaprow (Basil Sauce) Spicy
Chicken $11.65 / Beef $11.65 / Shrimp $13.15
Stir- fried w. Thai basil leaves, onion, bell pepper bamboo
A6. Spicy Mango Spicy
Chicken $12.35 / Shrimp $13.15
Mango jicama, bell pepper, crispy vermicelli mild Thai herb sauce.
A7. Thai Herb Sauce with Long Bean, Eggplant, Tofu, Bell Pepper 8.95
A7. Thai Herb Sauce with Chicken or Beef 11.55
A7. Thai Herb Sauce with Shrimp 13.15
A8. Wok Glazed Ginger with Vegetable & Tofu 8.95
A8. Wok Glazed Ginger with Chicken or Beef 11.65
A8. Wok Glazed Ginger with Shrimp 13.15
A9. Wok Grilled Garlic Shrimp 12.95
A10. Thai Triple Delight
Chicken, Beef and Shrimp
A11. Sambal Delight Spicy
Jumbo shrimp, scallops & chicken with mixed Asian vegetables.
A12. Sambal Chicken or Shrimp
Chicken $12.35 / Shrimp $13.15